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Hi, I’m Kristy – a freelancer from Australia currently living in the Netherlands. I am passionate about travel, wildlife, conservation, writing, editing and creating.

For Brands

I am interested in working with brands on sponsored posts, side-bar advertising, brand ambassadorship and freelance writing. I am skilled in writing, editing and proofreading to a high standard, as well as creating engaging and original content on a variety of travel related topics. I can use my writing, photography and social media marketing to promote and review your business! Not only do I write interesting and engaging articles but I pride myself on the fact that I do everything to the best of my abilities. Anything I write will be well-researched, re-read meticulously for possible errors and I always follow through on any commitment I make.

Worried about my skills? With a Bachelor Degree in English (with Honours) a Masters in English, a Bachelor of Teaching and over six years experience as an English and creative writing teacher, writer and blogger; I’ve certainly worn enough hats to (hopefully) prove my writing chops! You can have a look at the More page for examples of my work that I have had published elsewhere.

For Bloggers

Are you a fellow blogger? I would also be super excited to collaborate with other bloggers with guest posts – either by me on your blog, or by you on my blog! Let me know if you think collaborating would benefit us both!

Need Pinterest Images or Proof-Reading Done?

As well as on this site I also work through Fiverr, offering value-for-money proofreading and the creation of graphic images for Pinterest. Have a look at my Fiverr profile here if you’re in need of Pinterest-worthy images for your page or something proof-read to within an inch of its life!


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