Can’t get enough?! Here is a list of articles I have had published elsewhere including guest posts for other bloggers and collaboration posts in which I have taken part 🙂


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Collab Posts




Markets, Festivals and all the Other Amazing Christmas Events in the Netherlands!

How to Visit the Van Gogh Museum Like a Pro

Australia and the Netherlands; The Ties That Bind Aussies and Dutchies

The Most Instagram-Worthy Places to Visit in the Netherlands in 2017

Your Guide to Dutch Festive Foods and Drinks!

The Humble Dike and Other Feats of Dutch Engineering

The Vengaboys and 6 Other Artists You Probably Didn’t Know Are Dutch

IJssalon de Hoop: The Best Ice Cream in Holland!

VOC Day at Batavia-Werf

A Cat-Lover’s Guide to Amsterdam

NDSM-Werf: Five Reasons to go North of the River IJ

Begijnhof: Amsterdam’s Worst-Kept Secret


Geckos Tales

How to Be an Introvert and Still Be Awesome at Travelling


Get Exotic! Say Sayonara to Boring Weddings

5 Best Destinations for a Summer Romance

Choosing the Best Bikini for your Body

If you Don’t Own These Five Bikinis, You’re Doing it Wrong


News for Shoppers

George R. R. Martin & Robin Hobb Event Will Stream Live

On HBO’s ‘True Blood’: The End is Coming

‘Fool’s Assassin’: Autographed Copies Now Available for Pre-Ordering

Where to Go Shopping in London!


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