Can’t get enough?! Here is a list of articles I have had published elsewhere including guest posts for other bloggers and collaboration posts in which I have taken part 🙂


Guest Posts

3 Days in Hobart Itinerary: A Local’s Tips – Claire’s Footsteps

Aussies Around the World: From Tasmania to the Netherlands (via London)– Bright Lights of America

How to NOT Look Like a Tourist in London, United Kingdom– The Invisible Tourist


Collab Posts

The Best Things to do on your Amsterdam 2 Day Itinerary – Fill My Passport

Best Places to Visit: A Month by Month Travel Guide – All About Rosa Lilla

Small Towns in Australia Worth Visiting – Birdgehls

Quaint Amsterdam Day Trips to Fuel Your Wanderlust: the 10 Best Amsterdam Day Trips – Boarding Call

The 50 Most Beautiful Castles in the World and the Pictures to Prove It – History Fangirl

Flowers and Gardens Around the World – Travel by a Sherrie Affair

61 Best Cities, Towns and Places to See in Italy– Amateur Traveler

10 Best Cities to Visit in the Netherlands– Chapter Travel

15 Cool Day Trips in the Netherlands– Chapter Travel

Christmas From Around the World– Through An Aussie’s Eyes

The Best Places to Go, Germany in Winter– Reflections Enroute

100 Fantastic Cities: Travel Bloggers Pick Their Favourites Part 3– Kavey Eats

Ultimate Guide to Australia– Ultimate Country Guides

45 Magical European Fairytale Towns – Eat Sleep Breathe Travel




Markets, Festivals and all the Other Amazing Christmas Events in the Netherlands!

How to Visit the Van Gogh Museum Like a Pro

Australia and the Netherlands; The Ties That Bind Aussies and Dutchies

The Most Instagram-Worthy Places to Visit in the Netherlands in 2017

Your Guide to Dutch Festive Foods and Drinks!

The Humble Dike and Other Feats of Dutch Engineering

The Vengaboys and 6 Other Artists You Probably Didn’t Know Are Dutch

IJssalon de Hoop: The Best Ice Cream in Holland!

VOC Day at Batavia-Werf

A Cat-Lover’s Guide to Amsterdam

NDSM-Werf: Five Reasons to go North of the River IJ

Begijnhof: Amsterdam’s Worst-Kept Secret


Geckos Tales

How to Be an Introvert and Still Be Awesome at Travelling


Get Exotic! Say Sayonara to Boring Weddings

5 Best Destinations for a Summer Romance

Choosing the Best Bikini for your Body

If you Don’t Own These Five Bikinis, You’re Doing it Wrong


News for Shoppers

George R. R. Martin & Robin Hobb Event Will Stream Live

On HBO’s ‘True Blood’: The End is Coming

‘Fool’s Assassin’: Autographed Copies Now Available for Pre-Ordering

Where to Go Shopping in London!


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