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Why You Need to Visit NDSM-Werf, Amsterdam

Across the river by ferry from Amsterdam’s Centraal station is another world; one full of graffiti, ships, sculpture and other exciting sights in what used to be an old shipyard. Welcome to NDSM-Werf, a thriving arts community and one of the coolest creative places to visit in the city of Amsterdam. Here are more than seven reasons why you should definitely take the (free) ferry over to see it.

1. The Graffiti Art

There is graffiti everywhere in this area, but not the ugly name-tag kind, the kind that makes you stop and gasp then want to get up closer to see all the details and colours. Make sure you have a wander around the shipyard to see the work of many different artists on the walls, shipping containers and rocks. Be prepared to be amazed!

Photo 05-08-2015 12 26 57 pm

Photo 05-08-2015 12 28 01 pm

Photo 05-08-2015 12 27 56 pm

Photo 05-08-2015 12 09 19 pm

Photo 05-08-2015 12 07 40 pm

Photo 05-08-2015 12 07 27 pm

Photo 05-08-2015 12 06 53 pm

Photo 05-08-2015 01 12 00 pm

2. The Sculptures and Installation Art

As well as amazing graffiti art, this area features really cool and offbeat sculptures and installation art. Sometimes you might need to keep your eyes peeled to spot everything, although the giant spider you probably won’t miss!

Photo 05-08-2015 12 07 08 pm

Photo 05-08-2015 01 21 25 pm

The giant binocular-looking thing below is actually for listening to; notice the tiny ear-trumpets on the end? If you listen through these huge spheres different sounds from around the warehouse and wharf area will be magnified for you to focus on. It was pretty cool.

art Photo 05-08-2015 12 19 37 pm

Please don’t ride the unicorn!

Photo 05-08-2015 12 20 22 pm


3. The Northern Lights Cafe

Noorderlicht in Dutch is a very groovy cafe that looks like it is nearly all constructed from recycled materials. The building itself looks like a giant greenhouse and there are cool space-ship themed play areas for kids as well as lots of indoor and outdoor seating, a bar and a mini-amphitheatre where they regularly have live music.  Sitting in the sun next to the water with brightly coloured flags flying above you while you chill out with a snack and some quiet music sounds like my kind of bliss. The menu is reasonably priced featuring toasted sandwiches, soups, bruschetta and cakes at lunch as well as set menus for dinner. Have a look at the website for more information and to see which artists will be performing and when.

Noorderlicht Photo 05-08-2015 11 59 47 am

Inside Noorderlicht

Photo 05-08-2015 12 02 57 pm

This sculpture thing is made from lots of plastic cups attached to a big sphere!

Recycled Sculpture

4. The Start-Ups and Creative Businesses in the Warehouse ‘City’

Inside the warehouse proper are over a hundred studios, theatres and start-up businesses, all within their own little buildings inside the big one. This is also worth a wander around, to look at the cool ‘inside’ rooms stacked like children’s building blocks as well as seeing what sorts of things might be on offer, such as a company that creates futuristic looking bicycles and costumes for theatre, or another business selling phone and ipod cases made from wood.

Photo 05-08-2015 12 12 19 pm

Photo 05-08-2015 12 11 58 pm

Photo 05-08-2015 12 15 40 pm

Photo 05-08-2015 12 18 11 pm

Photo 05-08-2015 12 18 38 pm

Photo 05-08-2015 12 18 50 pm

Photo 05-08-2015 12 20 36 pm

Container City

5. The Ships

While it may no longer be a shipyard this area is still a wharf and it holds lots of fascinating ships that are definitely worth a visit on a nice day. Listen to the gentle clinking of chains as you walk past an old paddle-steamer, a boat-lighthouse and even an old military landing boat. There is even a boat motel (Botel), a boat that is also a pancake restaurant and the Veronica; an ex-radio ship that can now be hired for parties, film location or debates. If you feel like cruising through Amsterdam and eating as many pancakes as you can then have a look at their website; and don’t miss the graffiti-ed submarine as you head out onto the river!

Veronica ship

Photo 05-08-2015 12 36 44 pm

Photo 05-08-2015 12 38 16 pm

Photo 05-08-2015 12 40 15 pm

Photo 05-08-2015 12 40 25 pm

Photo 05-08-2015 12 43 07 pm Photo 05-08-2015 12 44 21 pm

Photo 05-08-2015 12 43 46 pm

Photo 05-08-2015 12 33 11 pm

6. Trammeland and other Unique Accommodation

If you don’t feel like staying on a “Botel” there are other accommodation options available here as well. There’s the Double Tree by Hilton if you want something a bit upmarket, or for something really unique why not stay inside the crane used for bungee jumping? The Faralda Crane Hotel features three design suites (that look amazing, one even has a stuffed peacock in it!) all 50 metres up the crane with stunning views over the IJ River and Amsterdam. Have a look at their website here and try not to wish you were sitting in the crane-top spa! You’ll also have a nice view of ‘Trammeland’, old trams on the site that are managed by the Trammeland Foundation and often organise creative events such as theatre workshops for children.

Photo 05-08-2015 01 11 46 pm

Photo 05-08-2015 01 13 27 pm Photo 05-08-2015 01 11 08 pm

Photo 05-08-2015 01 14 49 pm

NDSM is also the home of Greenpeace!

Photo 05-08-2015 12 30 01 pm

7. Other Groovy Things

There are lots of other interesting and quirky sights to explore at the NDSM-Werf and the place is always changing. Make sure you also keep an eye out for the florist ‘vending machine’ (proving that the Dutch really can create a vending machine for anything!) or the restaurant and bar that features a sand pit for children and an awesome floating deck equipped with chairs and beanbags for patrons to sit in while they sip their wine and watch the boats go by. What will you discover when you visit NDSM-Werf?!

Photo 05-08-2015 12 34 19 pm

Photo 05-08-2015 12 34 46 pm flower vending machine

Photo 05-08-2015 12 35 50 pm Photo 05-08-2015 12 37 00 pm

floating dock

Have you ever been to NDSM-Werf? What was your favourite part? Let me know in the comments! For more cool things to do in Amsterdam also check out this post on the Katten Kabinet (a museum devoted to artwork featuring cats) or this post about a man-made beach! 


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