Visiting Spring Beach near Orford, Tasmania

Everything you need to know about visiting Spring Beach, Tasmania

I’m feeling nostalgic today about growing up in Tassie (probably because I’m planning a trip back at the end of the year) so I thought I’d write a post about one of my favourite beaches in the state. I actually spent a few years living directly across the road from this beach and spent nearly every waking hour either swimming in summer or scrambling around the rocks and cliffs with my dog the rest of the year. The local primary school and high school I went to in the area used to hold end-of-year beach days here, and I have lots of memories of spending summer holidays on the beach with my friends. Spring Beach is the name of this spot, and it’s not really as well known as other, more ‘famous’ Tasmanian beaches. But I’m here to tell you how and why you should visit Spring Beach if you are ever travelling in Tasmania!

About Spring Beach

Everything you need to know about visiting Spring Beach, Tasmania

Spring Beach is located about a five-minute drive from Orford, on the East Coast of Tasmania. Most people travelling through Tasmania might stop in Orford for lunch on their way to the more well-known areas of Bicheno, Freycinet National Park, Friendly Beaches and the Bay of Fires. But since Spring Beach is only about an hour’s drive from Hobart, it’s perfect for a day trip!

Everything you need to know about visiting Spring Beach, Tasmania

I mean, yes, of course, I’m totally biased, but Spring Beach is my favourite beach ever partly because of all the memories and partly because it’s so pretty! It’s not very big and you can enjoy lovely views across the bay to Maria Island. The rock pools at either end are fun for exploring or fishing and you might even spot dolphins swimming off-shore. There’s also a really cool lookout point from the left of the beach (if you’re facing the water) and a walking or cycling path that leads all the way back to Orford along the clifftops (it takes about an hour to walk).

Everything you need to know about visiting Spring Beach, Tasmania
The view from the lookout

There are some basic toilets and barbecue facilities at Spring Beach, as well as parking. Mostly it’s not a very built-up or busy beach, which I love. If you do go for the day in summer it won’t be packed, although there will be locals swimming or sunbathing. The waves can get large after a storm but are very rarely big enough for surfing here. Spring Beach is perfect for body-boarding, swimming, kayaking or for small children to splash around and build sandcastles.

Everything you need to know about visiting Spring Beach, Tasmania

If you visit Spring Beach do be careful when swimming as there’s sometimes a strong undertow and no lifeguards. Fun fact, when I was in college I did a surf lifesaving course here, so if you ever do find yourself caught in a rip or undertow that’s dragging you out to sea, just stay calm and swim diagonally for a while until you are out of it and able to swim back to shore. Trying to fight a rip will only tire you out.

Getting to Spring Beach

Everything you need to know about visiting Spring Beach, Tasmania

As I’ve mentioned, Spring Beach is about five minute’s drive from Orford, which is about an hour’s drive from Hobart. You won’t really be able to visit Spring Beach unless you have a car, but road tripping around Tasmania is the best way to see the sights anyway. When you drive into Orford from Hobart, the first thing you will see is a big white bridge going over the Prosser River. To get to Spring Beach, simply turn right just before the bridge and follow that one road (it’s called Rheban Road) without detouring until you hit Spring Beach. Simple! I’ve also added a map below to help you navigate.

Things to do around Spring Beach

Everything you need to know about visiting Spring Beach, Tasmania
A very old photo of me kayaking in the Prosser River with the family dogs!

If you’re coming to Spring Beach/Orford I definitely recommend staying at least overnight. Orford and Spring Beach are both very popular holiday destinations for Tasmanians, with many people from Hobart having a ‘shack’ or beach house in the area. There are a few more lovely beaches around Orford, as well as the river, which makes it ideal for people who love swimming, boating, fishing, kayaking or any other water-based activity really. It’s a peaceful and quiet town, perfect for families. Be aware that it is quite seasonal though, so some places may not be open or with more limited hours during the winter. Visiting between September and April is definitely the best time.

  • Other beaches and the river: Spring Beach is located just outside of Orford, but there are some nice beaches within Orford proper that are usually calmer and therefore more suited to young children or people who want to launch a canoe or kayak. Millington’s Beach is the most central one, and if you continue walking right (as you’re facing the water) you will come to East and West Shelley Beaches. If you cross the bridge when driving and continue on the highway you will also hit Raspin’s Beach on your right, just before leaving Orford. All of these beaches have lovely views of Maria Island and the waves are rarely large. The Prosser River also has boat ramps and is lovely for canoeing or kayaking. If you continue up the river towards the dam you might even spot sea eagles that nest in the cliffs there!
  • Our Park: If you continue straight ahead when you come to the bridge (instead of turning hard right or left across the bridge) you will come to Millington’s Beach which is quiet and lovely. The park attached to the beach, called ‘Our Park’, is great for kids as there’s lots of play equipment, barbecue facilities and toilets.
  • The Three Thumbs and Wielangta: If you like bushwalking then you should definitely drive through the Wielangta Forest near Orford. There’s a couple of spots within the forest with walkways for exploring, and if you drive all the way up to The Thumbs lookout you’ll be rewarded with stunning views all the way to Maria Island.

Where to eat near Spring Beach

Everything you need to know about visiting Spring Beach, Tasmania

Alright, I’ll be honest, Orford isn’t exactly a foodie getaway. Most of the time this is where you come for a rustic vacation where you’ll be eating barbecue or simple home-cooked meals. There’s a small IGA supermarket near the bridge and a slightly larger one in Triabunna for stocking up on groceries. If you do want to eat out, these are the best places for good food. Just be aware that you won’t be getting any Michelin-stars or super fancy fine dining. Most places have limited hours during the winter months as well so check the websites.

  • Scorchers by the River: Next to the Prosser River (in the building with the blue roof in the picture above) is Scorchers by the River. Scorchers is a cafe/restaurant that does excellent wood-fired pizzas and pasta dishes. They have local artists’ work for sale and they also stock Valhalla ice-cream from the Huon Valley. They don’t have a website but are open for lunch and dinner. They usually close for a couple of months in winter.
  • Orford Bowling Club: I only mention the local bowls club because my grandparents are members and so I know that they do dinners on Friday nights during the summer holidays. These dinners can be attended by anyone (even if you’re not a member) so long as you let them know ahead of time how many people are coming. The food is prepared by the members of the club and rotates, check the board outside to see what’s on each week. Sometimes you might get seafood, sometimes a roast meal and always dessert! The prices are cheap, there’s a full bar and I can attest that the locals are lovely 🙂

Where to stay near Spring Beach

Everything you need to know about visiting Spring Beach, Tasmania

You can totally visit Orford as a day-trip from Hobart, but if you’d like to spend a couple of days or more lounging around, relaxing and exploring the area nearby then there are quite a few nice places to stay. There are a variety of bed and breakfast or home rentals available on websites like Airbnb or HomeAway. A private rental is the only way you could stay right by Spring Beach itself but the best options for accommodation nearby are as follows:

  • Prosser Holiday Units: These units are directly opposite the IGA and are a good, basic accommodation option. There’s a patio or balcony and a small kitchen so you can do your own cooking. They also look directly out over the river.

Map to Spring Beach and surrounds

I’ve put together a little map so you can easily see where Spring Beach and all the other places I’ve mentioned are located.

Everything you need to know about visiting Spring Beach, Tasmania

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