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Culture Vulture: The Katten Kabinet Amsterdam

So you’re in Amsterdam and you’ve been to the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum, you’ve toured the Red Light District and visited Anne Frank’s house, but you’re feeling like seeing something a little different from the regular tourist destinations. Why not try the Katten Kabinet?! This little museum near the famous floating flower market is a museum devoted to art about cats!

Photo 29-02-2016 03 31 37 pm

Taking up one floor of this canal house, the collection focuses on the role of cats in art and culture through the centuries. There are paintings, posters, sculptures, comics, fans and even crockery featuring cats as the artistic muse.

Photo 29-02-2016 03 16 16 pm

Photo 29-02-2016 03 25 31 pm

Photo 29-02-2016 03 20 34 pm

Photo 29-02-2016 03 15 46 pm

Photo 29-02-2016 03 23 57 pm

There are works by Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt and I’m pretty sure one of the photographs on display is of Salvador Dali and his cat. There are pieces from ancient Africa and Japan as well as more modern pieces such as the famous ‘Chat Noir’ poster from Paris, magazine covers and prints.

Photo 29-02-2016 03 17 41 pm

Photo 29-02-2016 03 17 24 pm

Below: a waving lucky cat pinball machine!

Photo 29-02-2016 03 16 10 pm

Photo 29-02-2016 03 19 30 pm

Photo 29-02-2016 03 22 42 pm

Photo 29-02-2016 03 16 54 pm

Photo 29-02-2016 03 17 49 pm

Photo 29-02-2016 03 23 36 pm

Some of the images (like the Cosmo cover above) are a little questionable. The one below gave me a very ‘wtf” moment as well!

Photo 29-02-2016 03 18 33 pm

The canal building itself is very beautiful, with polished wooden floorboards, some impressive chandeliers and even some gorgeous restored 17th century ceiling art.

Photo 29-02-2016 03 16 39 pm

Photo 29-02-2016 03 25 40 pm

There are even some real cats in residence, that don’t seem to have any qualms about walking over the art or sleeping in the gallery. The black and white one seemed a bit sick of people patting him though, he gave me a very gentle warning bite when I tried it!

Photo 29-02-2016 03 22 21 pm

Some of my favourite pieces:

Photo 29-02-2016 03 21 36 pm

Puss in Boots!

Photo 29-02-2016 03 20 27 pm

The cat chair.

Photo 29-02-2016 03 13 12 pm

A costume from ‘Cats’ the musical.

Photo 29-02-2016 03 14 58 pm

Photo 29-02-2016 03 19 51 pm

The only downside, perhaps, for this museum is that it’s rather expensive for its size. It’s seven euros for an adult and it only has about four rooms, albeit ones crammed with cat art. I was also a bit frustrated at the lack of information on the art. VERY few of the pieces had anything telling you where/when or by whom it was created, which I would have liked to know. If you are interested in going to see it, want a virtual tour or just to buy some cat art online, have a look at the website here. If you are officially crazy for cats you might like to check it out if you’re ever in Amsterdam. You could even add a trip to De Poezenboot (The Cat-Boat): a floating cat shelter that you can visit and/or Kattencafe Kopjes (the cat cafe) for some coffee, cake and a snuggle with the resident cats! Amsterdam is definitely a good place for cat-lovers!

Photo 29-02-2016 03 26 09 pm

Photo 29-02-2016 03 14 44 pm

Photo 29-02-2016 03 13 48 pm

Have you ever been to any of these cat-themed places in Amsterdam or elsewhere? Let me know in the comments!

The Katten Kabinet Amsterdam

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