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Foodie Friday – Sunday Steak

 Last Sunday Amy and I moved our “Sunday Session” to dinner instead of lunch.  I met up with her near the Tower of London (it looks pretty cool at night) and then we headed back into central London.

We stopped in Leicester Square to take photos of the pretty Christmas ‘Carnival’ thing they’ve got going on, but it was too cold to stay outside for long!




Mmm, fudge!

Channelling my inner penguin!

I wonder what Shakespeare would make of all this?


We then went to Flat Iron in Soho for dinner.  This place does steak and that’s it (with a few side dishes).


It was a quirky little place, the bar was in the basement (we went downstairs and had a drink while we waited for a table) and the restaurant was spread out over two floors.  I loved the little meat cleavers and the complimentary salted popcorn.

The photo isn’t great as it was low light.  The steak was cooked perfectly to my liking, but was a little fatty and chewy at one end.  I had creamed spinach and chips with it and Amy had green beans (which were so delicious I wish I’d got them).  If you’re looking for nothing but a decent steak this is pretty good, although you don’t get anything other than that and since it was already cut up it did seem to get cold pretty fast.  Not sure that I’d rave about this place to be honest.  The staff seemed a bit surly to me when Amy asked them to turn the air conditioning off (why was it even on? It’s freezing!) and they brought a side dish we hadn’t ordered. We did however, get it free of charge. And if I’m honest, any place that doesn’t have a dessert menu seems like a waste of time to me 😉
Their website doesn’t say anything apart from no reservations, so if you’re interested check out their facebook page here.
On the walk home I saw this little guy in a shop window, nawww! 🙂


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