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Living in London

The day I moved into my new home was typically British: grey. It was cold and overcast, but luckily not raining!  My new street looks like this:

Of course I was excited, it looked just how I always imagined London, after all the books I’d read and television and movies I’d seen. On a side note, every time I hear a police siren (and I hear them a lot through my bedroom window as they rush down the main street) they sound exactly like on “The Bill”.
London is a place that a wealth of others have depicted in different media, but so far the stereotypes did not disappoint!  As for the inside, again, a typical British residence, with a break-your-neck staircase the first thing you see!

On a side note, I have fallen from the top of these stairs to the bottom in the middle of the night. Didn’t break my neck but was a bit worried I might have broken my foot! Not fun. Now I always hold onto the railing for dear life.

The house is small, as an Australian used to lots of space I find it funny how over here they always need to build UP. But it’s cozily warm in winter, and cool in Summer (unless there’s a ‘heatwave’ – England is not equipped to deal with hot weather, no aircon!), with a tiny backyard that is often visited by neighbourhood cats, sometimes foxes and occasionally squirrels.


I live a two minute walk away from the nearest tube, on the Northern line which is very convenient, and can get into the centre of the city (Leicester Square/Piccadilly) in half an hour! There’s a big Sainsbury’s supermarket basically across the road, along with lots of ducks and often ducklings along the banks of the River Wandle. So far, I’m pretty happy with my new home 🙂

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