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Foodie Friday – Simply Fish

Starting a new “series” for my blog this week, with a short review of a cool little restaurant I went to in Camden, London before I moved.  I’d been shopping and met up with my friend Amy who gave me directions to the restaurant she was at; Simply Fish!

It was a groovy little spot down a side street from all the Saturday Camden market crowds. The menu offers, surprisingly enough, seafood, so if you don’t like seafood there’s very little else on offer!

Since Amy and I do like seafood, we were pretty happy. I like how they’ve organised their basic main menu: you pick a fish from a selection including things like cod, trout, sea bass, prawns or salmon, then decide how you’d like it cooked (baked, steamed, fried, battered, tempura etc.). Next you choose a sauce such as Thai coconut, sweet & sour, salsa verde or citrus anchovy butter and lastly you choose two accompaniments such as sweet potato wedges, green salad, fries, stir fried vegetables, rice, noodles or rustic bread.

There are also house recommendations, set meals such as Mediterranean fish stew, mussels in white wine, fish finger sandwich with salad and fries or a Massaman curry with trout as well as some tasty looking small plates and desserts!

I opted for tempura prawns with a soya, ginger and oyster sauce, noodles and stir fried vegetables.

It looked lovely and the prawns and sauce were lovely, although some of the vegetables I wasn’t too fussed about. I think there might have been something with lemon-grass in there and I really don’t like lemon-grass unfortunately, but other than that it was lovely.
Amy’s steamed trout (I think that’s what it was!) with salad and more salad was apparently very nice, and we both stole chips from her daughter who had a cheeseburger and fries!
I decided I needed a dessert after I saw a ‘de-constructed passion-fruit cheesecake with shortbread’ on the menu as I LOVE passion-fruit, and it did not disappoint!
The cheesecake filling was creamy and delicious and combined with passion-fruit sorbet and syrup, plus a yummy shortbread biscuit I was in heaven!
I would definitely suggest you go to the website and check out the menu if you’re thinking of having some seafood in London. They are also in Shoreditch as well as Camden and they do delivery orders too!


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