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A Day at the Farm

Today was cold and wet, so I decided to visit the Deen City Farm which is just down the road from my house, along a pretty walk beside the Wandle River.  This post is especially for my grandparents, because I was thinking how much they would enjoy the pretty garden and vegetable plots!  The farm is run entirely by volunteers and is quite beautiful, even when wet and grey. I can just imagine how gorgeous it must be during summer!

I love all the quirky little details, like the old bed frame and bathtubs as garden beds! I also liked the little information signs around the place about different insects that might be seen as well as information on the veggies and what they could be used for.  Not only is it a community garden project but they have animals that can be fed (feed purchased from the shop, not bread), some can be petted, there are pony rides for the little ones and horse/pony-riding lessons for the bigger children.


He was lucky to have survived Thanksgiving last weekend!


Thought this was a bit insensitive for the animals though!


This goat was very friendly/greedy. Came rushing up to the gate for food and licked my hands and had some pats when I didn’t have any.  Then he started doing something very odd…


At first I thought he was going to spit at me or something, but I’ve never heard of goats doing that. I asked the lady in the shop about it afterwards.  Apparently as a male goat he wees on himself to attract lady goats (putting the ‘ew’ in eu de cologne).  The weird lip thing is him smelling himself to make sure he still smells attractive for the ladies. But he can’t seem to tell the difference between female goats and female humans! I’m going to assume he could smell the lady goats in the other paddock and not that he liked me!

After washing my hands thoroughly I visited the gift shop and bought myself some plum jam, then had lunch at the cafe, a very yummy warm jam pudding with custard!


The Deen City Farm is definitely worth a visit if you’re ever around South Wimbledon. Just watch out for the horny goat!

If you’re interested in finding out more about the farm and riding school, here’s the link to their website 🙂



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